13100 - Ginger Root
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14537 - Pepogest™ Peppermint Oil
Provides natural gastrointestinal comfort.
15124 - Primadophilus® Probifia® Pearls
Colon health probiotic capsules for adults with 100% bifidobacterium & 1 billion CFUs
6800 - Primadophilus® Original
Probiotic capsules for ages 12+ with 5 billion CFUs & 2 strains of bacteria.

Ginger Root

Eases stomach discomfort associated with travel and stimulates digestion.†

Ginger (Zingiber officinale) root is guaranteed to contain 1.3% essential oils to ease stomach discomfort associated with travel and stimulate digestion to promote gastrointestinal comfort.

Nature's Way Ginger contains the aromatic essential oils gingerol and shogaol.