14537 - Pepogestâ„¢ Peppermint Oil
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13100 - Ginger Root
Eases stomach discomfort associated with travel and stimulates digestion.
14160 - Peppermint Leaves
May help relieve stomach ailments.
45171 - Activated Charcoal
Activated charcoal captures unwanted material and carries it safely through the digestive system.

Pepogest Peppermint Oil

Provides natural gastrointestinal comfort.

Pepogest® provides natural gastrointestinal comfort. The essential oil found in peppermint leaves soothes the occasional disruptions in the bowel often caused by nervousness, overeating and/or changes in the diet.

Targeted release™ for maximum effectiveness.

Pepogest® softgels are uniquely enteric-coated to withstand stomach acid and target the release of peppermint oil directly into the intestinal tract. Research confirms that peppermint oil is more effective and better tolerated when protected from stomach acid.