6640 - Valerian Nighttimeâ„¢
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15176 - Valerian Root
Promotes relaxation and helps support restful sleep.
401 - Silent Nightâ„¢ with Valerian
May help relax the nervous system and to promote restful sleep.
63400 - Valerian Standardized
Naturally promotes restful sleep

Valerian Nighttime

Promotes restful sleep and leaves you feeling fresh and energized in the morning.

Valerian Nighttime™ is a unique blend of Valerian and Lemon Balm extracts to promote restful sleep. Unlike other sleep aids that may cause a tired feeling or lack or mental focus the next morning, Valerian Nighttime™ leaves you feeling fresh and energized.

Odor Free Valerian Nighttime’s exclusive Dual Control coating naturally protects its active ingredients and locks out the pungent aroma of valerian.

Stomach Gentle Valerian Nighttime™ contains Lemon Balm extract to soothe the stomach before bedtime.