6794 - Garlicin® HC
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15540 - Red Yeast Rice
Traditionally used in Asian cultures.
15575 - Sytrinolâ„¢ Cholesterol Control
Effective for maintaining cholesterol and triglyceride levels already within the normal range.

Garlicin® HC

Combines the healthy benefits of high allicin potential garlic plus: Hawthorn, Vitamin E and Cayenne

  • Stomach acid protection
  • Rapid intestinal release
  • Odor-free Garlic

    Garlicin® HC Healthy Circulation Formula combines all the effectiveness of high allicin release Garlicin® with the added benefits of Hawthorn extract, Cayenne and Vitamin E.

    Garlicin® HC is made from high quality, alliinase-rich garlic powder. Using the SmartRelease® tableting and enteric-coating technology exclusively developed by Nature's Way, Garlicin® HC is guaranteed to have 100% stomach acid protection and rapid disintegration in the intestines.