15407 - Thisilyn® Cleanse (Herbal)
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15409 - Thisilyn® Cleanse (Mineral)
Clinical strength 15-day complete cleansing system with Mineral Digestive Sweep
6959 - Thisilyn® Standardized Milk Thistle Extract
Standardized milk thistle extract with maximum absorption.

Thisilyn® Cleanse (Herbal)

Internal Purification 15-day complete cleansing system with Herbal Digestive Sweep™

About Herbal Digestive Sweep

Specially balanced to cleanse the bowel, the Digestive Sweep formula in this program contains Cascara sagrada bark.

How it works. Cascara sagrada helps stimulate muscles in the intestine, which encourages healthy bowel elimination.

Advantages. Cascara sagrada has the reliable strength to encourage healthy bowel elimination in most individuals.  Because of its strength, it should only be used occasionally for periods of 10 days or less.

Alternative. Some individuals prefer a non-stimulating approach to bowel cleansing. For this purpose, Thisilyn Cleanse is also available with a Mineral Digestive Sweep™ containing Magnesium hydroxide rather than Cascara sagrada.