Nature's Way® EfaGold® offers a broad line of Essential Fatty Acids with over 50 EFA products and counting. Our EfaGold® products are either vegetarian friendly, healthy marine sourced fish oils or combination products with multiple benefits in just one product.

15455 - EfaGold® Hemp Protein & Fiber

EfaGold® Hemp Protein & Fiber

Contain 13 grams Fiber and 11 grams Protein per serving all from non-GMO seeds.
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15431 - EfaGold® Krill Oil

EfaGold® Krill Oil

Effective for cardiovascular and joint health†
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15440 - EfaGold® MEGA

EfaGold® MEGA

Maximum Strength, 1350 MG - Lime
The most complete daily source of Omega-3/6/9 fatty acids for healthy skin, joints, hormonal balance & cardiovascular function.
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15682 - EfaGold® Mega-DHA

EfaGold® Mega-DHA

1000 MG
Super concentrated 50% DHA fish oil in a convenient 1,000 mg softgel.
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15438 - EfaGold® Neuromins®

EfaGold® Neuromins®

200 MG
Supports mental, visual, and brain function.
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