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Kids Healthy Eyes

Supports healthy eye function in children 2+.*

Kids Tummy Soothe

Helps with occasional acid indigestion.* For kids ages 2+.

Kids Happy & Healthy Multivitamin

Daily multivitamin and immune support for kids 2+.*

Kids Growing Bones & Muscles

Bone and muscle support for children 2+.*


Your children are growing and learning every day. Give them the building blocks they need to continue being their best selves with a limited edition kit of kid-friendly gummies and chewables. Tummy Soothe helps soothe occasional acid indigestion, making it perfect for the holiday season.* Growing Bones and Muscles is made with vitamin D and K1 to support healthy bones and muscles for playdates and soccer games alike, while Healthy Eyes supports healthy eye function with lutein, beta carotene, and vitamins A, C, and E.* Happy & Healthy Multivitamin delivers a nutritional blend for daily wellness with the added immune support of vitamin C, zinc, and elderberry.*


It’s been a year of ups and downs, with beautiful moments and tough ones too — moments that have shown us what we’re made of and how we best care for ourselves and each other. That’s where our new, limited edition holiday gift sets come in. This year, we’re giving you the gift of self-care with curated bundles made to help you focus on yourself or to share the love with the people you care about most. Plus, we’ll donate 10% of the purchase price from each set to Second Harvest Heartland up to $5,000.


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