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Are gummy vitamins actually good for you?

Lynn Green, Integrative Nurse and Master Herbalist:  IN Ingredients and Products11/25/2020 11:36:58 AM

My number one rule for gummy vitamins: Do not use them as candy! They are nutritional supplements.

The concern around gummies is the source of sugar content. Be wary of getting too much sugar from what is supposed to be a health-supporting supplement. Always check the label to see if there are added sugars, and if so, what kind and how much? Nature’s Way gummies do not contain high fructose corn syrup; they’re made with organic sugars or sweeteners like organic tapioca. Our gummies are also made with wholesome ingredients, including pectin instead of gelatin. Creating high-quality gummies that the whole family can enjoy is part of our mission.

Part of the magic of gummy vitamins lies in their delicious taste and fun format; when you enjoy taking your vitamins, you’ll make it a habit and keep taking them each day to support your wellness. If you’re going to take a gummy formula every day versus not taking anything at all, that’s great! 

Another great thing about our gummy products is that we make a wide variety of formulas so you can find one that works for you. Some gummies can be great for kids over 2 years old. (Not all gummy formulas are meant for kids, so make sure to check the label.) Some gummies have targeted benefits, and some are multivitamins meant to help fill in your nutritional gaps. They're also great for people who can't easily take tablets or capsules, or those who prefer a chewable option.

However, certain ingredients may not translate as easily to a gummy formula, so you’ll want to check with your healthcare provider before starting one to ensure you’re getting the benefit you need.

Lynn Green, Integrative Nurse and Master Herbalist
Integrative Nurse and Master Herbalist

Lynn Green

Lynn Green’s interest in health and wellness began as a child, and she channeled it into a fulfilling career as a nurse practitioner. Lynn works onsite at Nature’s Way, assisting employees on their journey to health. Her focus is on primary prevention, and she blends Western medicine with herbal wisdom, mind-body techniques, and lifestyle changes to help her patients achieve overall well-being and good health.

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