Premium Organic Flax Oil

For centuries, people have used the hardworking flax plant for a variety of purposes, from spinning it into textiles like linen to incorporating into their health and wellness routines. Organic Flax Oil delivers 35 mg lignans (plant-derived fiber compounds) per serving with 54% omega-3, and 14% omega-6 essential fatty acids, plus 16% omega-9,which are a key part of your everyday diet.

Guaranteed Quality

We’re dedicated to providing you with superior quality products for your wellness routine. Organic Flax Oil has been packaged specially for superior freshness and flavor, and is hexane-free, cold-pressed and unrefined with no chemical solvents.


Organic Flax Oil Super Lignan Directions and/or Dosage

Shake well before use. Take 1 Tablespoon (15 mL) 1 to 2 times daily as needed.


If you are pregnant, nursing, or taking any medications, consult a healthcare professional before use.

Refrigerate after opening.

Keep out of reach of children.


Patient Support

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Organic Flax Oil Super Lignan

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